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Artistic Science & Cryptologic Art

LABz Experience will be an experimental project on the artistic level, but also on the development level. Integrity and transparency being at the center of our development vision, these experiments will of course be carried out without compromising the security of your wallets. The NFTs in this collection will never be expensive and sometimes free.  In short, 1 NFT of this brand guarantees you a follow-up or opportunity in the short/medium term.

Curated Deconstruction

Date of the 1st Re-Construction:  February 20, 2023

Curated generative art works collection created from many of my creations.

The experience consists in reconstructing the first works little by little to give a whole new meaning to the collection at the end of the process

ReConstruction #141.png

Curated Deconstruction | 2de Generation


Next transformation : Phase 3

Release Date : Q2. 2023

Metchameleon is a old-school drawing NFTs collection of 1000 tokens which will have 4 phases of evolution


Metchameleon is a musician.

His main instrument is the classical guitar. But as his name suggests, he is a kind of chameleon, he can take the form of a Rock, Jazz, Blues, folk (...) guitarist.

But what is the continuation of this project, where is it going?

Hint -> Metchameleon is on his way to audition to join a band


Stage 1   (done)

A very basic "oldshool" NFT

Stage 2   (done)

It will take the form of a pass to enter the whitelist of the launch of our "LABz" branch

Stage 3 (April-May    2023)

Metchameleon will undergo a metamorphosis. But above all, he will reveal his identity to us in preparation for the final phase

Stage 4 

Surprise! more information will be revealed to you in phase 3

Bann 1400 x 350.png

Metchameleon | Phase 3

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